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Many people look back at the first day they got their brand-new computer and it worked great . . . It is not necessary to reformat and start again, or buy a new system. Read more >>


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Useful Tips

Weekly Tip --

Many people look back at the first day they got their brand-new computer and it worked great. It did not take long to boot and most everything appeared in seconds. After a year or so of use now their computers seems not to be working or it is taking longer and longer to start up. Emailing becomes a shore of patience waiting for those emails to be sent out or downloaded.

Most people would recommend to get a new and better system. However in most cases, all the system needs is some care in cleaning up what has been placed there with all the surfing on the Internet and some organization of files on your system.

Your computer is like a filing cabinet. You use it to store all your work in it. When you use your filing cabinet and do not staple your work together, it gets scattered all throughout the draw and it takes you longer to find all the pages to the one document you are working on. the same thing happens in a computer and what is needed is defamation. It is not necessary to reformat and start again or buy a new system. Simple maintenance can keep your system running like it was new.

More Tips . . .
Knowledge is the Key to Understanding, so if we can help you recieve that knowledge to understand your computer, and understand how the computer works, hopefully, it will not seem so scary to you.

We have come up with some Helpful Tips to help you understand your computer, and how it works. Please pick from the list below. You will fill out a form requiring your Name and E-Mail Address and we will send you a Adobe PDF file to your e-mail.

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Networking for Home or Business
  If you are a multiple computer Family or Company, the benefits are endless! If you NOT set up to run wires, or put holes in walls, there is Wireless. Order a Copy >>
What's Inside A Computer?
  Here is a short listing that you should look at when making a computer Selection . . . Computers are advancing very rapidly in today's market.  It is important that the computer you purchase today can be upgraded in the future. Order a Copy >>
Basic Computer Maintenance
  To keep your system running smoothly and at peak performance, disk utilities are included with your operating system to help you.
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